ESID Board

ESID Board

Prof. Isabelle Meyts, Belgium

President (2018-2022)

Prof. Andrew Cant, United Kingdom

Past President (2018-2020)

Dr. Mirjam van der Burg, The Netherlands

Secretary (2016-2020)

Prof. Fabio Candotti, Switzerland

Treasurer (2016-2020)

Dr. Andy Gennery, United Kingdom

Chairperson WP Clinical (2016-2020)

Dr. Despina Moshous, France

Chairperson WP Education (2018-2022)

Dr. Anne Puel, France

Chairperson WP Genetics (2018-2022)

Dr. Arjan Lankester, The Netherlands

Chairperson WP Inborn Errors (2016-2020)

Dr. Clara Franco, Spain

Chairperson WP Junior (2018-2022)

Dr. João Farela Neves, Portugal

Chairperson WP PID Care in Development (2018-2022)

Prof. Mikko Seppänen, Finland

Chairperson WP Registry (2018-2022)